HOLLYWOOD─Last week we were teased an epic gift for the upcoming “Survivor: Winners at War” where not one, but two tribes would be going to Tribal Council to vote someone out. Yes, we’re getting another double boot America and it left me on the edge of my seat. I will admit I’m more a fan of two tribes over three because with so few people, it doesn’t intensify the drama as one would like. I mean 5 people, the tension is not there let’s say if you have 7 or 8 people where 1 vote or move can totally change everything.

We are indeed losing all the old-schoolers which is not making me happy as a “Survivor” fan. This made me question why there wasn’t a fair balance between old school players and new school players. I mean we’ve already lost Amber, Danni, Ethan, Tyson and Rob last week. The question on many fans minds is who would be next? I mean we only have Yul, Parvati and Sandra remaining people, and I honestly don’t want to see a bunch of new schoolers all the way to the end.

The members of Yara were celebrating at the fact that Boston Rob was booted from the game, like are you guys three or something? Play the game already. Adam was concerned about his relationship with Ben, as it appeared he was closer to Sophie and Sarah thankfully we moved to the Edge of Extinction, which allowed our players to earn another fire token. Tyson was eager to find that fire token and went searching for it, without the rest of the group, and discovered the secret, but Rob was watching his every move.

Tyson learned he obtained the idol nullifier, which he was aiming to sell for 1 fire token. Tyson sent the nullifier to Parvati of all people and I was ecstatic about it. Parv has some opportunity to shake up the game people. With that said, Tyson utilized his fire token to purchase peanut butter. Man, we really lost this great character, to some of the people still in the damn game?

So you know it’s a fun episode when the Immunity Challenge kicks off within the first 10 minutes of the game. Yara and Sele had an early advantage, but Dakal was forced to play catchup, but Yara had two balls in their slot thanks to Sophie, who managed to save her tribe from heading to Tribal Council. So Dakal and Sele are about to be forced to vote someone out, which means I think the merge and the battle to return back to the game is expected to transpire next week, it has to be people.

Parvati knew she was in trouble, as Wendell wanted Parv gone, but Nick seemed mystified by her beauty. Michelle and Parv decided they needed to find an opening, and ding: it looked like Nick could be the weak link people. Wendell was not happy with the notion that he could be voted out by his former ex, who wanted fire tokens from an ally in case if they’re voted out. So would Wendell really turn on Yul and Nick, he wanted fire tokens, but she was not willing to give her fire tokens before a vote! This girl is smart; she used his information and delivered it directly to Nick who was rattled by the thought.

So Wendell or Parvati, who is about to be sent packing people? Back on Dakal, Tony was starting to spiral and went back to his spy hut hoping to obtain information. Jeremy tried to poke, as he knew Kim and Sandra would not say anything stupid. Damn, I forgot everyone on Dakal has an advantage, so this Tribal Council might be the most explosive. Denise pondered to Sandra which was a smart move, save herself over Jeremy. So it becomes fun because Kim is in the middle of things, which means she could be the deciding factor.

Wow, Sandra and Kim were well aware of Tony’s spy shack and the fact that it’s right by the water well. Tony wanted to align with Sandra, Kim and Jeremy to send out Denise. Sandra is playing dirty and the fact that she was willing to sell her idol for 2 fire tokens is dangerous people. Denise this is smart, electrifying and amazing to watch people. Why? Denise single handedly can determine who goes home, and she’ll have TWO IDOLS to play people. Sandra WTH!!!

Kim can use her idol, Denise can use her idol, Jeremy can leave the game, and Sandra could use her idol, leaving Tony as the default. This is why having too many advantages in the game is damn dangerous people; it makes strategy explode in your mind. So Sele first headed to Tribal Council, where Wendell made it clear he was willing to play dirty to win the $2 million.

Wendell is coming off a bit unlikable this episode people; he has a chip on his shoulder and it’s not fun to watch, but why is Yul so quiet. His dirty laundry was aired which raised Parvati’s eyebrows, as well as Yul. Names were not being said, and I don’t know if this is psychological warfare and rather Wendell is playing Parvati or vice versa.

So much for Parvati getting that idol nullifier because it’s not like she could have used it, and just like that an icon was sent packing. Parvati decided to give her fire tokens to Michele as she headed to the Edge of Extinction. NOW the Dakal Tribal Council was the one I wanted to see because advantages could come into major play. I have an idea where things could be headed, but I hope that is not the case people. Denise played calm and I liked that. However, Jeremy you could have left the game, but you decided to gamble anyway? Gosh, I’m so nervous people. Denise decided to play her immunity idol, which led to Denise following up with a second idol on her ally Jeremy! Wow, Sandra just got hoodwinked people! Denise could have saved that other idol, but she didn’t know what might happen, but Queen Sandra was sent packing. Sandra was speechless people, that is what you call a blindside! Epic television, but Sandra you could have stayed in this game if you just kept your idol and played it for yourself.

This was a fantastic episode, I just wish we had more than 1 hour to rush thru this epic gameplay people. I mean losing Sandra and Parvati in the same night? C’mon, but got damn Denise Stapley, that was legendary and I’m hoping you get to the end cause that move was beyond epic it was sensational. Sandra gave her token to Yul of all people. I’m going to have to watch this episode again because it was glorious, but why did you tell Denise about your idol?

As a legend you sent yourself out of the game, it’s like Erik in ‘Micronesia,’ Tyson and JT in ‘Heroes vs. Villains’ and Lauren in ‘Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.’ I thought the merge was next week, but it looks like we might have one more vote off before all of our players come as one tribe.