CHARLESTON, SCDylan Roof, the 22 year-old who shot and killed nine parishioners inside a Charleston, South Carolina church is heading to federal trial. On Friday, December 9, testimony has revealed that showed that the suspect was in possession of a handwritten note with the names of several different churches in the region that were alleged targets of his.

On June 17, 2015, Roof entered Emanuel AME Church during a Bible Study and opened fired. According to the federal indictment against him, Roof was armed, “with the intent of killing the African-Americans engaged in the exercise of their religious beliefs.”

According to reports, after Roof was welcomed into the Bible Study, he drew his pistol and began shooting, killing all nine African-American church members in the group. He was taken into custody by authorities on June 18, 2015, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

During Friday’s testimony, Brittany Burke, former South Carolina Law Enforcement Agent, testified in court that after searching Roof’s car, authorities discovered a note with church names written on it. Other notable items found inside the vehicle included a Confederate flag, an American flag that had been badly burned, an empty box of gun ammunition, a gun, and a laser gun attachment.

It was also revealed that Roof possessed other written notes which included letters to his parents and a journal of racist entries, which were also found in his car.

Roof faces up to 33 federal counts, which include hate crimes resulting in death and the obstruction of exercise of religion resulting in death. Despite a taped video of Roof’s confession, he has plead not guilty.

Roof will begin a state trail in 2017. If found guilty in either federal or state court, he could face the death penalty.