HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, “The Young and the Restless” is getting ready for November sweeps in a major way America. For starters, that mystery involving Zack and the sex ring is reaching a feverish pitch. Alice was struck by a car, Crystal was rescued, but Scott, who was getting way too close to the case, found himself drugged thanks to Zach and set-up to look like he murdered a prostitute.

Now, that was a quick turnaround people. I’m guessing being pals with the Genoa City Police Department absolutely helps because Scott was able to make bail, and he is certain that Zack drugged him and set him up. Why is this a very interesting development? Zack professed his love to Abby and Sharon and Scott put two-and-two together and came to the realization that Abby new dating app was used by Zack to set-up Scott.

That is not the only big tale of the hour, Victoria collapsed on live TV and the powers that be have teased that the fierce Newman was poisoned while utilizing Brash and Sassy’s newest face cream. The question of the hour is who poisoned her. Billy is certain it was Jack, but I’m not so keen on that theory because he has been so worried about his mother Dina falling into the clutches of Graham, when would he have time.

Yeah, Graham has been very busy programming Dina to bring himself back into her good graces. I mean while in GC she was well aware of his deception, but when she was discovered by Jack and Ashley during her tropical getaway it was apparent Graham either drugged her or Dina is playing along as she plot her revenge. Jack is no idiot, and is aware Graham is up to now good, so how this drama plays out with sweeps upon us will be very interesting.

Now, I swear this has become somewhat of a trend on “Y&R,” a festive Halloween bash. However, I swear it seems year after year, each bash ends in some sort of destruction or fire. I mean a few years back we had that massive blaze at Newman Enterprises, and for Halloween 2017, viewers will see a fire transpire at Nick’s hotspot, the Underground. Looks like the fire is the result of carelessness, and it will place the lives of Mattie, Charlie and Reed at risk when they sneak into the club and get trapped in Nick’s office. I mean would “Y&R” really kill a child. Um, yeah, they did it with little Delia several years back and it led to massive drama.  The interesting development the soap ushered in is that Nick unexpectedly arrived at his place of business to light a pumpkin for disappearing, only to usher in Dina who expectedly sparks the fire trapping the three teens inside.

Rumor has it that a member of the “Y&R” family will meet their demise, who that person is and what the fallout will be is still up in the air America. Speaking about relationships Billy is doing all in his power to repair his with Phyllis after his betrayal, but she is having none of it. To make matters worse, he has become the tireless advocate to protect his former love Victoria. I mean these two are destined to be together, the Phyllis fling was a nice distraction, but these two are destined to be together, it just might take a bit of time before they find themselves back together again.

We’re only 1 week into November sweeps and things are on fire literally on “The Young and the Restless.” I can only imagine what is expected to happen as the rest of the month plays out.