SAN FRANCISCO—Starting on Monday, July 27, the San Francisco coffee shop chain Andytown Coffee Roasters (Andytown) temporarily closes all their locations and production for the safety of Andytown’s employees and the community.

According to the announcement on Andytown’s Instagram, a former employee there tested positive for COVID-19. The employee started working at Andytown on July 15. The final shift was on July 18, at the 3629 Taraval location. The employee did not have any symptoms while working at the shop. Andytown indicates that no one else has had symptoms since the possible exposure.

The announcement notes, Andytown will be closed until other employees test negative for COVID-19 or are asymptomatic after 14 days.
“We will remain closed until the employees who had direct contact with the positive employee are tested negative, or are asymptomatic for 14 days since last exposure to the employee who tested positive. (Which would be Sunday, August 2nd),” read the statement via Instagram.

Andytown emphasizes that they have decided to close not only the location where the COVID-19 positive employee worked but all of their locations. They consider it to be the “safest thing” to do.

“In the past 8 days since exposure, our staff has crossed paths with each other, and we think the safest thing to do is to shut down everything until we can either get tested or are past the CDC-recommended 14 days from last exposure,” reads the announcement.