SAN FRANCISCO—A San Francisco bicyclist was hit and injured by a police cruiser on Thursday, May 12. The entire incident was captured on camera.

The bicyclist, Timothy Doyle, told ABC7 News that he was attempting to make it through a yellow light at Second and Mission Streets.

Doyle was struck as a police cruiser was merging from the right lane to the left lane and did not see him.

In a dashcam video from a smartphone app called Nexar, the collision can be seen. The video was captured by an Uber driver. Nexar’s website says that their mission is to rid the world of car accidents.

Doyle told ABC7, “They were at fault for sure. A, they had their blinker on to go right behind that car that stopped at the yellow, so they just figured, oh we’ll go over here through the yellow this way. So, all of a sudden, just and he didn’t see me, and we just collided like that.”

Doyle was taken to the hospital and spent the night there. He suffered minor injuries from the collision that included a large cut on his leg and a minor back injury.

According to a San Francisco Police Department spokesperson, the cause of the crash is still under investigation. The officers involved in the crash are currently not allowed to drive, which is standard for all cases.

Chris Cassidy of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition told KTVU that the video indicates that the accident could have been prevented.

Video of the crash can be seen below.