HOLLYWOOD—Week 3 of “Big Brother 24” was perhaps one of the best weeks of live feeds and episodes of “Big Brother” that I have seen in years people and I mean that. Talk about being glued to the computer screen or constantly checking for updates via Reddit, Jokers Update or listening to live feed updates via Rob Has A Podcast, it was indeed must-see viewing. The treatment of Taylor by Daniel and Nicole made my blood boil people, however, viewers got their revenge with The Leftovers coming to fruition and Turner delivering an epic Power of Veto speech that sent shockwaves throughout the house.

If you get one blindside on “Big Brother” that is a win, but nope, the fans got two blindsides as Ameerah was sent packing and it was glorious I mean glorious TV to watch. She didn’t think in a million years she would leave over Terrance, but as Julie stated, “don’t get comfortable in the BB house.” Ameerah and her allies (Daniel, Nicole, Alyssa, Jasmin and Indy) really thought Ameerah was staying, but when Julie revealed by a vote of 7-4 Ameerah was getting the boot, the look on Nicole, Daniel and Alyssa’s face said it all people. Stunned, priceless, but phenomenal TV to say the least.

I felt jitters of “Big Brother 6” again with two sides of the house targeting each other, but it was clear The Leftovers are a bit smarter than the opposing side. So it’s time for the HOH, which was a crap shoot tied in with a promotion for the film “The Invitation.” A total of 1500 letters would fall from the sky, but the first 8 people to find a letter with a red invitation would get the opportunity to compete in the second part of the HOH. Look, I’m really sick of these two part HOH competitions. Um, I thought those were reserved for the final HOH of the second, NOT every single week.

With that said, Jasmine, Terrance, Brittany, Joseph, Monte, Nicole, Daniel and Alyssa all moved onto the second round, and it was a battle between Monte and Nicole. Was I on the edge of my seat? Yes, because a Nicole win would mean a HOH where The Leftovers might lose a number and people would start throwing each other under the bus. However, Monte edged out the HOH win by two points. With Monte as HOH, the alliance stays united and another member from the opposing side would see their game come to an end people. Before we got to nominations, Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy, Nicole and Daniel were in complete confusion; they had no idea what happened and who to trust. They simply started attacking one another; exactly what the other side wanted them to do.

The goal was to get out Nicole or Daniel this week, but to do so it would involve having to place up Indy and Alyssa first. Who would have guessed that the partners that everyone picked in week 3 would work perfect for the Leftovers. The one hiccup would be Brittany and Michael because if they get placed on the block together post veto, a member of the alliance is going home.

I didn’t care who went home, as long as it wasn’t a member of the core alliance, but Alyssa, Indy, Daniel, Nicole and Jasmine were all getting on my nerves this week. Plain and simple you got outplayed, but with Kyle and Daniel winning the POV it secured that Daniel would be staying, but his bestie Nicole, not so much people. See with this twist, if one member of the Festie Bestie twist decides to use the POV, it has to be used. So both players would have to agree NOT to use the POV for it not to be used. Oh, that is even messier America.

Daniel didn’t want his POV initially, but after The Leftovers came up with a plan to secure ALL their safety, Kyle was placed in a tight spot. Use the POV on Alyssa or don’t use the POV on Alyssa. Lots of confusion people because Daniel was warned to NOT use the POV, but decided to risk his number 1 ally to prove that he was smarter than what everyone else thought.

It resulted I Alyssa and Indy being saved, and Taylor and Nicole touching the block. Nicole thinks she’s safe she is not, but cracks are forming in the core alliance. Kyle is all in on his showmance with Alyssa now, which could possibly hurt him and help him at the same time. If he wasn’t throwing her under the bus the first few weeks of the game he would be fine, but you sold a bag of goods to your allies giving them a reason to boot her. Kyle is forming an army aligning a final two with Turner and speaking with Michael about targeting Monte and Joseph at some point. That talk about saving Daniel in the coming week is a bit frustrating because I think it’s a direct result of Kyle being petrified of going on the block. Kyle, Taylor hit the block multiple times for the alliance, so it might be your time to touch it also if Taylor wins HOH and rightfully so.

The problem will be that POV because it raises the question as to who won’t use the POV if it is won. Kyle wants to win HOH, which means Daniel is safe, but then who do you nominate? Terrance, Monte and Joseph? If they win POV, then you have to choose between Jasmine and Turner and Alyssa, Indy and Taylor (as she is expected to join them if Nicole is booted). So Kyle needs to think again before making that decision to win POV people.

Nicole is talking to Julie this week people and the crucial week 5 HOH will be a game changer. NOW I’m hoping this is endurance because it feels like it will be, but then again my gut is telling me a potential knockout competition which would be fun. That could give The Leftovers the edge, but if anything, when Nicole leaves Thursday, Daniel will gun for HOH as he knows he is in major danger. Lots of shifts is making this season that was ugly as hell to start to begin to looking promising.