SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, March 10, ecologists announced their re-introduction of the Variable Checkerspot butterflies at the Presidio in San Francisco, indicated.

San Francisco has a history of being the last place where a numerous amount of butterflies have gone extinct including the Xerces Blue which was last seen in the city of San Francisco before it disappeared.

The Xerces Blue disappeared in 1941, According to the University of California-Davis, the Xerces Blue butterfly. The last documented sighting of a Variable Checkerspot was seen in 1978, at the Presidio.

More than 300 butterfly larvae were released at El Polin Springs. The goal of ecologist are to reintroduce an engender species, releasing at the end 1500 larvae.

Wildlife ecologist Jonathan Young said to the general public: “I think that we will easily meet that goal. Its a great opportunity to for us since we are meeting great conditions for re- introducing an extinct species.”

The Scientist in charged of the project for the Variable Checkerspots told the San Francisco News that they are expecting to see them emerging from their cocoons in mid-April.

Some previously extinct animals have been reintroduced recently to the Presidio including the Western pond turtles and three-spine stickleback fish.