SAN FRANCISCO—On the morning of June 1, the state Department of Human Resources announced a directive to close all California state buildings. The directive includes all government buildings, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, immigration offices, health insurance offices, etc. 

“After consultation with the California Highway Patrol and Office of Emergency Services, the decision was made this evening to advise all state departments with offices in downtown city areas to close tomorrow, and to notify the staff of the decision,” said spokesperson for the state Government Operations Agency.

The directive is not an order, however, and it is up to local officials in individual offices to determine which buildings should be closed, and whether staff members should work from home.

“Staff assigned to these offices should not report to work for any reason. Staff who are able to telework should continue to do so despite the office closures,” stated a memo released by the Department of Justice.

Protestors across the state of California have burned police cars, destroyed local businesses, and set fire to local buildings. This move comes as a response to these protests, and is an effort intended to protect government buildings and the employees who work there.