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California Releases Specific Guidelines For Reopening Movie Theaters

Movie theaters in California are allowed to reopen again starting June 12, with strict guidelines in place. Photo by: Myke Simon

CALIFORNIA—California will allow movie theaters to open starting on Friday, June 12. Not all theaters will open, and strict guidelines will be in place for those who do.

Chains that will not open on Friday include AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Arclight and others. Some independently owned cinemas are expected to open, as well.

Following the decision to allow theaters to reopen again, the State of California has released specific guidelines movie theaters will be expected to follow. Some of these guidelines listed by the government include:

Restocking concessions, moving seats, and stocking up on safety supplies are some of the steps movie theaters will have to take before opening their doors.

Other forms of entertainment businesses now allowed to open for business, include bowling alleys, mini golf, arcades and other similar facilities. They are expected to follow similar guidelines as movie theaters.

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