SAN FRANCISCO—Camera footage taken in a downtown San Francisco Walgreens caught a man jumping over a counter and stealing merchandise from the store. On October 21, crews from Inside Edition were covering a story on shoplifting in the store at the same time the robbery occurred, and caught the crime in action on camera.

The video from Inside Edition shows a hooded man jump over the checkout counter at the store, who picks up merchandise that appears to be an air bed before leaving the store on a scooter. The incident occurred within 15 minutes of camera crews arriving at the store, and no one intervened to stop the theft. The suspect has not been arrested and his identity is still unknown. According to a Walgreen’s policy, employees are advised not to intervene in these crimes since the company doesn’t want to risk anyone getting injured or getting sued. As a result many suspects involved in these shoplifting incidents go unidentified and without prosecution.


Shoplifters have reportedly hit this specific Walgreens location so many times that the store now plans to close this location for good on November 11. Walgreens has announced that at least six other locations across the city are also closing this year due to excessive shoplifting.

The San Francisco Police Department has noted an upward trend in shoplifting and break-in robberies throughout the city since the pandemic began. According to statements released by police, they have increased police presence in downtown and are working more closely with the public to help identify suspects. If suspects are arrested in connection with these incidents, they will face charges for a nonviolent misdemeanor under California law.