SAN FRANCISCO—Christopher Gonzalez-Nunez, 26, of Hayward has been arrested for gun possession after a video of his partner holding an AK-47 outside a Cadillac car window at an illegal car show went viral on social media.

The photo was originally released by SFPD in the summer of 2021 after they discovered the couple participated in an illegal car show located on Barneveld Avenue and McKinnon Avenue. Investigators determined that the vehicle they were in belonged to Gonzalez-Nunez after browsing his Instagram feed.

Officials state that Nunez has a history of participating in sideshows. “He drove, while his significant other leaned out his passenger window armed with an AK-47. Not only does the car match a vehicle that Gonzalez-Nunez owned at the time, but Instagram users ‘tagged’ him in photos from the incident and mentioned him by name,” stated prosecutors. According to reports, Nunez made the photo posted on Instagram into a T-shirt.

His significant other who was shown in the photo was not included in court documents.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office wrote that his partner, “has a criminal history of her own, including a battery conviction and arrest for assault causing great bodily injury, robbery, and domestic violence.”

The FBI raided the suspect’s house on Woodroe Avenue in June and discovered numerous illegal firearms, ammunition, and gun assembly tools. Inside Nunez’s backpack they found a 9 mm handgun, an unserialized AR-15 style pistol, and unserialized Glock-style handgun, three AR-style 30-round magazines, and extended magazines.

Investigators discovered the backpack that was allegedly thrown into his neighbor’s yard. To determine that the bag belonged to Nunez investigators conducted a DNA test and found it was a match.

Investigators state that Nunez is a dangerous person who has engaged in gang conduct in the past. “Combined with his continued possession, assembly, and apparent distribution of firearms – including untraceable ghost guns – poses an unmitigable danger to the public,” the Attorney’s Office wrote.

Prosecutors filed a motion on August 18 requesting U.S. Judge Donna Ryu keep Nunez in custody as he awaits trial. Nunez is currently awaiting trial in the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, California. He is scheduled to appear in court on September 7. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison.