SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco bars received approval to officially open for outdoor drinking starting Monday, June 29, 2020.

The Mayor of San Francisco London Breed announced on June 22 that the next phase of reopening will be moved up to June 29, from mid-August. The reopening would include: hair salons, barbers, museums, zoos, tattoo parlors, massage establishments, nail salons, outdoor bars and outdoor swimming.

Local bars needed a permit in order to offer outdoor drinking through Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC), but ABC was unable to provide permits for legally serving beverages on the sidewalk. This was due to the fact that the ABC needed the state of California to provide approval first.

On Thursday June 25, the ABC announced that they will begin processing applications from bars per the Shared Spaces Program. Thus far the ABC has received 91 applications for temporary permits to serve alcoholic beverages on sidewalks and parking spots in San Francisco.

In a news release published June 22, from Mayor Breed once the city’s request for a variance from the California Department of Public Health is approved, and as long as San Francisco continues meetings several key health indicators, the city will allow businesses and social activities to resume with required safety protocols in place.

San Francisco Public Health Director Dr. Grant Colfax, stated in the news release that, “We will continue to closely monitor those indicators in San Francisco as we partner with City and community leaders on careful reopening. We expect COVID-19 cases to increase as we reopen. To keep that increase manageable and sustain our commitment to protecting the people most vulnerable to the virus, everyone in San Francisco must continue to take the precautions that save lives.”