SAN FRANCISCO—Since he was spotted in the fall, the San Francisco sea otter named “Sutro Sam” has gained much popularity among fans and researchers, as he is the first city river otter spotted in decades.

The critter has decided to make himself at home in the ruins of a 19th century bath outside of the Golden Gate on the edge of the Pacific Ocean where it appears to be building a nest. After being spotted by birdwatchers in September, admirers decided to name the city’s new friend “Sutro Sam” as the baths he is currently residing in was named after former San Francisco Mayor Adolph Sutro. Conservationists are trying to figure out how he got there, however most biologists believe that he swam down from Marin County where there is a higher population of otters.

The San Francisco Bay Area once had a thriving number of otters before pollution, hunting, and residential and business development grew in the past two centuries. Though unsure of how long he will stay, conservationists and biologists view “Sutro Sam’s” presence as a good sign that San Francisco’s waters are getting cleaner, and that there is a promise of increased wildlife in the city.

Large crowds of people have came to see him, take pictures, and feed him. A Twitter account has even been made for him with comical updates such as, “Need a lady otter so you people can ‘catch us on video’ and make a sex tape. Then I can be famous and get my own reality show,” “Yes, I AM the cutest. Don’t ever forget that! Sea otters have nothing on me,” and “Remember, I bite–and not just in romantic situations.”

River Otters Courtesy of @SutraSam on Twitter