SAN FRANCISCO—A group of co-living tenants residing in The Buck Estate, a 17,000-square-foot grand mansion on the San Francisco Bay Area, posted on Facebook that they are looking for some new roommates on Wednesday, August 5, according to SF Gate.

The tenants of The Buck Estate, a large mansion-like home in Woodside, San Francisco, would like three new roommates to join them. The Facebook post has already been deleted, but they posted the message below on “San Francisco Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets,” a public group on Facebook with 115,000 members on August 5, according to SFGate.

“There are 12 rented rooms, with 14 housemates. Currently 7 girls and 7 guys. We all enjoy developing quality relationships and maintaining a sense of community. We’re all open minded, educated, conscientious, and responsible professionals who work hard and like to enjoy ourselves on our time off. We are a diverse group of technologists, financiers, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, nurses, musicians, etc.”

Monthly rent rates range from $1,400 to $1,900. The post spread on the social media platform widely, and interested applicants had to message through Facebook with a short bio about themselves and a summary explaining why they would be a good fit for the co-living arrangement, SFGate reported.

“Designed after Hampton Court in England and built for a wealthy San Francisco financier and socialite as a summer home in the late 20s, early 30’s”, the website of The Buck Estate explains. “Great common areas including a fully stocked gym, formal dining room, Game rooms with pool and ping pong tables, big outdoor porches/terraces with gas BBQ, smoker and dining tables, giant laundry/utility room, a walking trail around the property, fire pit, a movie room, and plans for a jacuzzi. Property is gated with ample secure parking”.

The Buck Estate
Address: 125 Norhgate St., Woodside, California, United States, 94062
Phone: (650) 206-8381
The application form can be found here.