SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Cocktail Club, a local alcohol delivery service, has changed their marketing methods to suit customers. The San Francisco Cocktail Club is a business that was created shortly after the pandemic started. The state of California temporarily relaxed liquor laws during shelter-in-place orders. Cocktail delivery has become an alternative way for customers to enjoy handmade cocktails, following the temporary closure of indoor dining back in March.

The company announced they changed the pricing on delivery apps, which included fees for delivery, taxes, alcohol fees and tips. They  also changed the packaging from to-go containers into glass bottles. 

The San Francisco Cocktail Club partners with a new restaurant every week, and delivers cocktails from that restaurant to local customers.

Customers have two options when ordering. One is what the company calls “order a round,” where customers can schedule a round, defined as 4 servings, as a gift for a friend or themselves. For this week, the lowest price offered for this option is a mezcal tequila drink from local Mexican restaurant Padrecito where, “$48 plus sales tax gets you four servings of the drinks and a food item, in this case a gordita,” according to their website. On a food delivery app such as Caviar, the same drink and food items would cost $65.

The second option is called “join the club,” which is similar to a subscription setup. Members who join the club pay $50, and the company will deliver 4 servings of the new featured cocktail every 2 weeks. The company also states that delivery, fees and taxes are included in the price as well.

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