SAN FRANCISCO—Cristian Alan Soto, 23, has been missing since Saturday, September 24, according to reports. Soto was described as Mexican with brown eyes and black hair, about 5 feet and 10 inches tall, weighing about 180 pounds and was last seen wearing black pants and a button up shirt with white flowers.

His family was asking for the public’s assistance in finding Soto. Yelena Martinez updated San Francisco News that Soto had committed suicide.

“Sadly he committed suicide in the golden gate. That’s why he left all his belongings,” Martinez told San Francisco News.

Cristian Alan Soto.

Family and friends had reached out to the press prior to his suicide after he had been reported missing. Loved ones reported his last moments before the missing person’s report was filed.

“He kept things to himself, but he would always tell our mom when he would go out and when he was coming back,” said Jonathan Soto, Cristian’s brother. “Saturday was our sister’s birthday – which I don’t think he would miss.”

Soto was last seen downtown in the area of Bush Street and Van Ness Avenue after leaving a friend’s house in the morning on September 24. He and a friend attended a concert by Australian record producer Flume on September 23 at the Bill Graham Auditorium at the Civic Center.

Hours before the concert Soto had parked his car in a parking garage that is shared by an apartment complex and Batteries Plus Bulbs. Batteries Plus Bulbs is a phone and electronics repair shop located on 1450 Bush Street where Soto is employed. Tom Schultz, owner of Batteries Plus Bulbs, confirmed that Soto had left his car at the garage after his 6 p.m. shift and had asked the manager to borrow the garage’s remote so he could pick up his car after the concert.

Soto met with a friend who shared an Uber with him to the concert venue. According to Soto’s friend, they had separated at the concert, but reconnected afterwards and went to her home around 1 a.m. to have drinks with a group of friends. Soto’s friend’s home is a couple blocks away from the parking garage and Soto is reported to have left the home around 2 a.m. on September 24 while carrying a backpack.

Later in the morning, a co-worker noticed Soto’s car was still in the parking garage. Soto’s backpack was in front of the car and the contents of the backpack were strewn out on the ground. Soto’s ID card, credit cards, wallet, car keys and extra clothing were found on the ground. The car was locked and his cell phone and the garage remote were missing. Soto did not show up for his scheduled shift on September 24.

“Cristian is always on time, never a no-show, always prompt and a great employee,” said Schultz. “Even if [this was] some young person that doesn’t typically show up or has other problems in his life, we would be concerned,  but that’s not him. We are desperate for someone to come out here.”

Schultz also indicated that the police had not contacted him or any of his employees concerning Soto’s disappearance. He added that a neighboring building has a security camera that is pointed towards the parking garage and a camera at a nearby construction site could have footage. Soto’s friends and family were concerned and confused about the state Soto’s backpack was found in.

“He had his car keys – it makes no sense for him to leave his backpack outside of the car and disappear from there,” said Soto’s friend and former boss, Hugo Gonzalez, who owns Compupod, an electronics store at 2433 Mission St. “If he was five minutes late, he would send me a text message. He never missed a day of work.”

Soto was enrolled at the City College of San Francisco Ocean Campus and spent most of his week commuting between school and work. Previously, Soto had worked at Sprint and Radioshack in the Mission District. He grew up in the Mission District until he and his family relocated to Concord less than a year ago.

“We grew up here – a lot of people around here know him, he has his network here. This was his place to be in,” said Soto’s brother, adding that Soto “never had trouble with people.”

Friends and family had not been able to contact Soto since September 26. A missing person’s report was filed at the Mission Police Station and flyers were posted in the Civic Center area and the Mission District. Soto had been diagnosed with asthma. He previously sought counseling for depression-related illnesses, and, according to reports, the family stated his disappearance was likely a suicide.

“I don’t know where my brother is. It’s something that really hurts me,“ said Soto’s brother. “We are trying to piece it together but we can’t.”

Anyone with information pertaining to the case can contact the family at (415) 316-5991 or (415) 827 -7200. The police can also be contacted through dialing 911 or calling (415) 575-4444.

San Francisco News contacted the Mission Police Station for more information and is waiting for a call back from the station’s captain.