HOLLYWOOD—I am so hot and cold with the CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” When the writers get things right it’s amazing, when they recycle the same story it becomes boring so quickly it’s not even fun to discuss. Fans already know, there is a love triangle brewing yet again between Ridge, Taylor and Brooke. Ridge was under false information that Brooke called Child Protective Services on Thomas in regards to Douglas’ safety. Here is the problem America, not Brooke, it was Thomas Forrester himself.

That man will never change; he is wicked to the core, and the fact that Taylor and Ridge, as his parents have NOT gotten him serious help is troubling. I guess it is more frustrating that Taylor is a psychiatrist and she refuses to see or realize her son is a troubled man who has compulsive and obsessive tendencies. Thomas framed Brooke and he has been eagerly playing that recording via the voice app he used courtesy of Douglas over and over and over again. Thomas, you don’t keep the evidence of a crime and constantly play it in the public sphere hoping no one hears it.

Thomas and Steffy were so overjoyed with the fact that their parents have reunited they called a meeting at Forrester Creations. Wow, the arrogance on these two spoiled brats people. Donna was not pleased, neither was Eric, Katie was stunned, Carter was speechless, and Paris, why the hell is she even there? Paris has NOT had a storyline since she got dumped at the altar by Carter. I mean the character is useless right now, and if anything the writers need to give her a sendoff story, as it’s apparent the goal is to pair Katie and Carter who shared a kiss.

Look, we’ll get back to Ridge, Taylor, Brooke, Steffy and Thomas in a bit, but the writers giving Quinn Fuller her farewell was just terrible. This character has been a staple on the soap for years and that is the best they can do. Really? We have Shauna, Quinn’s BFF come back to town to tell Carter it is over versus Quinn herself, it is just bonkers to me at the moment America. The writers have danced way too many times around this Katie and Carter romance, if she’s not reuniting with Bill, then let Carter be her new romance and let’s actually make something happen people because I’m getting bored with this.

Do I think Bill will go running back to Brooke? Of course he did proving Katie’s point that the trust between them is completely lost. Deacon got schooled by Bill on the fact that Brooke is way out of his league, it would be nice for Brooke to just be solo for a moment, or until the truth comes out, which it feels like might be sooner than later. Why? Well, Ridge is still thinking about Brooke Logan (she is indeed the love of his life) and decided to move in with Taylor at Wyatt’s former beach house. Ridge you’re so conflicted and you’re about to break Taylor’s heart all over again because you two adult children don’t know how to mind their own business. Ridge you did love Taylor at a point, but she NEVER had the grip on your heart the way Brooke has always had; it is destiny as Eric Forrester has stated multiple times.

Of course Thomas and Steffy are overjoyed with the move, just as Thomas got some tea from Paris that Hope has been eyeing him. It made Hope uncomfortable, but it was apparent that Steffy was worried about Thomas and right to be because it feels like his obsessions is growing people.

Hope and Steffy sparing is fun, but Brooke and Steffy sparing is more fun people. Brooke and Steffy are more alike than Steffy realizes. I would love for someone to call Steffy Forrester out on her antics; you’re a younger version of Brooke Logan Steffy. I mean what you did to Liam while he was with Hope, I don’t know countless times screams Brooke. You sleep with a married man, then you slept with that married man’s father, you slept with his father, hid DNA results, I mean the list goes on and on and on.

Liam has been Brooke’s rock during this difficult time, even stopping her from drinking, but I swear the writers BETTER NOT be headed down a path of a possible Brooke and Liam fling. I mean Brooke you should know better after what you did with Bridget who was with Deacon, and Hope would not recover if that occurred.

However, it seems Hope is catching onto the fact that Thomas is a bit unsettled which is clues to some sort of exposure coming down the line. Thomas has already fantasized about kissing Hope and being with her, and it feels like the baby swap drama all over again. While all of this is happening, Liam is pushing Douglas to return back to the cabin with him, Hope and Beth and reunite as the family they once were.

Is Liam overstepping his boundaries here people? Steffy is starting to worry about Thomas, Hope is, Liam is and Bill is, so this worries me what will be Thomas’ next move in his game of treachery? The writers have to ramp up the madness because Thomas has done wicked things in the past and it looks like the chaos is just beginning.