SANTA CLARA—On August 13, 2020, Destination Home, on behalf of the Santa Clara County Continuum of Care, released the 2020-2025 Community Plan to End Homelessness.

Destination Home also announced that it successfully reached its 2015 goal to protect people from living on the streets. According to the website, the program has offered homes more than 14,000 people, and it has created the doubled number of supportive housing units and temporary shelter beds to meet demands. The 11 members of the Community Plan Steering Committee summarized that the project needs to wipe out the root of homelessness instead of providing external resources for homeless people.

According to Santa Clara County’s official press release, “By 2025, we will,

    • House 20,000 people through the supportive housing system;
    • Expand the Homelessness Prevention System and other early interventions to serve 2,500 people per year;
    • Achieve a 30 percent reduction in annual inflow of people becoming homeless; and
    • Double temporary housing and shelter capacity to reduce the number of people sleeping outside.”

The new plan also “includes explicit goals and strategies to address the racial inequities present among our unhoused people and families and track progress toward reducing disparities.” “ I think I would describe this community plan as necessary from the crisis we’re facing in our community,” said Ray Bramson, chief operating of Destination Home. Bramson also explained to take an all-hands-on-deck approach” and support low-income families in the county by asking financial help from cities.