HOLLYWOOD—I will be the first to admit, the ABC Family hit “Pretty Little Liars” has had me hooked since its pilot. This is a show that prides itself on mystery and delivering tiny nuggets to the audience and asking them to piece the puzzle together. In season two, we learned “A” was Mona, but the game was stolen from her in season 3, and a new “A” aka Charles (if that is even his name) has been torturing the liars and their families ever since.

I have reason to believe “A” has played a role long before Mona became the liars’ tormentor. The biggest clue came in the season five finale when Spencer learned that “A” is Charles DiLaurentis. He is a secret member of the family that only Mr. and Mrs. D knew about, and he is the older brother to Jason. Trying to piece this puzzle, it’s important to note “A” cannot be a random character to say the least. In my opinion, that takes out Noel, Jason and Rhys.

It’s important to note that the re-introduction of ‘Red Coat’ changes the theorizing, in my opinion. From season four, the audience discovered that both CeCe Drake and Alison were portraying the mysterious character, but we are now forced to speculate that a third party has been the notorious fiend all along. So who could be ‘Red Coat?’ In my opinion, only two suspects come to mind—Jenna and Melissa. Jenna for obvious reasons: the liars were responsible for her going blind. Why not team up with their worst enemy to exact vengeance? Melissa is a curveball, but perhaps she is playing the role of double agent to corner Charles. However, if that were the case, wouldn’t she spill the beans to her sister Spencer about who her tormentor is?

Back to putting the “A” puzzle together, I constantly go back to something that was disclosed by executive producer Oliver Goldstick in an interview with Entertainment Weekly after the season five finale. He mentioned that Charles aka “A” is someone who is “fiercely intelligent.” That is a major clue in my opinion. You can begin to decipher down those who aren’t so smart in the town of Rosewood. We are already aware of Mona’s capabilities, but who else is smart in Rosewood? You have Caleb, Lucas and Ezra.

I’ve suspected for weeks that Lucas is the guilty party, but the fact that we haven’t seen the character on screen in quite some time, would be a bit of a cheat for the audience in my opinion. He did work with Mona in the past during her stint as “A” so it would only make sense for him to take the game from her. He also had a large amount of distaste for Alison and the liars for tormenting him, vengeance would be the only remedy for justice in Lucas’ eyes. FYI, we’ve never seen his parents on screen, even though Caleb mentioned them.

Here is where my attention turns to Caleb and Ezra. Ezra was already pegged once at possibly being “A,” but it was a ruse as he was writing a book. But this is where that twin theory creator I. Marlene King has been totting throughout the entire series. We’re made to suspect that Alison has the twin, but I have the inkling that it’s a guy on the show with the twin and I place my money on Ezra. There is just too much secret information about his background that has not reached the surface and a secret twin wouldn’t surprise me at all. The difficult part about Ezra or his twin being “A” is justifying a motive that makes logical sense. I can see him as the big bad villain, but not certain if I’m willing to buy the story behind it.

That brings to my attention a theory that recently surfaced for me: Caleb. The audience knows Caleb is wicked smart when it comes to computers. A skill that “A” has used all too well in my opinion! We’ve never seen Caleb’s mother! That might be the biggest clue of all, he seems very coy about his relationship with her and it can’t be a surprise that as viewers we’ve never met this woman. We apparently met his father, but who’s to say that wasn’t an entire ruse to throw off the liars. He seems to have a distant relationship with Alison; these characters haven’t had much screen time together, and when they do you can sense the tension. My biggest gripe with Caleb being “A” is his dedication to Hanna. He genuinely seems to love her, but that could be an epic plow to deceive her nonetheless.

We know that “A’s” motive seems to be linked to the DiLaurentis clan, Bethany Young and Radley Sanitarium. Our villain is someone who is connected in a way that appears complicated, but might be quite simplistic once things unfold. Bethany and Charles apparently knew each other, and Bethany might be the key to discovering who “A” truly is. This is where I also think the twin theory comes into play. Bethany very well could be a character we have seen before, someone who actually has a twin that they’ve kept secret from the liars and their families. I’d love to peg Mona as Bethany Young, and it would shock audiences as well.

After Tuesday’s episode, I will be honest, I would be shocked if Caleb, Ezra or Toby turned out to be “A” because their ability to be duplicitous would be beyond shocking. There have been rumors that Detective Wilden is the mysterious Charles and evidence could point in that direction because of his age, he was found to be very dead in the season four premiere, but weirder things have happened on this series.

We all thought Mona was dead! I’m placing my bets on Lucas as being the big bad villain, but with this series, one wouldn’t be surprised if Charles aka “A” actually turned out to be a woman. Next week’s sneak peek for ‘Game Over, Charles’ shows the liars confronting “A” on the rooftop of Radley contemplating suicide. Share your theories. Who do you think is “A” on “Pretty Little Liars?”