SAN FRANCISCO—Authorities responded to several sideshow reports Saturday, February 27. Four suspects were arrested during the incident and firearms were seized. Spectators were given citations during a San Jose crackdown on the growing violence surrounding illegal sideshows.

A sideshow is an informal demonstration of automotive stunts now often held in vacant lots and public intersections. Such sideshows are common in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The San Jose Police Department were just one of several Bay Area law enforcement agencies that put extra patrols on the streets over weekend to target sideshows and the surging violence surrounding them.

During Saturday’s crackdown, police arrested three people who were suspected of illegally possessing guns. Firearms in their possession were also confiscated. Another arrest was made for multiple counts of reckless driving. Officials placed five vehicles in a 30-day impound and issued over 40 citations.

The SFPD tweeted:

“Our latest city legislation allows for the towing of vehicles involved for up to 30 days. Get caught twice? Might not see your vehicle for even longer. It’s not worth it.”

Many of the citations were for municipal code spectator violations. In San Francisco, the police department’s Stunt Driving Response Unit patrolled the streets to maintain visibility.

The Oakland Police Department partnered with the California Highway Patrol and Alameda County Sheriff’s Department to add enforcement on the city’s streets. The OPD indicated they will impound participants’ cars for 30 days and ticket spectators at sideshows if they are in attendance.