SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, June 28, Bay Area Clipper announced via Twitter that the fares of Golden Gate Transit Bus and Ferry will be increased. This price adjustment will be effective on Wednesday, July 1. There is also a statement of fares with details on Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District (Golden Gate Transit) website.

The fares of Golden Gate Transit bus all depend on the trip length and zones crossed. All the riders are required to pay the fares except the children 4 and younger. Those qualified children can get free rides when they are accompanied by an adult; however, the Golden Gate Transit rules that each adult can only accompany with 2 or less children for the free rides.

Clipper card, via Bay Area Clipper Card Twitter post

The riders can pay their fares by cash or Clipper card. For adults ages 19 to 64 who pay the fares by cash, the price will start at $ 4.50. The fare will be added with the length of trip or the number of zones crossed increased. Golden Gate Transit encourages the riders to prepare the cash before boarding. Also, the riders need to tell the driver the destination so they are charged correctly.

If the riders use a Clipper card, they will receive a 20% off discount for intercounty trip. The riders can get a 10% off when they traveling in Marin County. The fare will start at $ 3.60. The statement notes that the Clipper card can be used on Golden Gate Transit Buses and Golden Gate Ferry.

Bay Area Clipper reminds the riders of checking their card balance at ticket machines, online or call at 877.878.8883 before they start their trip.

For more details on this fares increase, visit Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District website.