SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco city officials are asking the public to remember to follow coronavirus health guidelines amid the heat wave, as well as advice to avoid heat stroke.

Locals across San Francisco have taken to the beaches and parks in efforts to stay cool in the heat, and officials are worried about potential spikes in coronavirus cases, as well as cases of heat stroke.

Officials are reminding the public that the country is still in a pandemic, and the usual protective measures must still be maintained. The city has advised that the safest option is to stay hydrated and cool at home, but if people do decide to venture out, to find a cool place outdoors, and to follow the current health advice such as maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask at all times. 

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management tweeted on August 15: 

“Even during heat waves we must continue to protect ourselves from COVID-19. Stay home when possible. If it feels too hot indoors, seek cooler temps outside, keep physical distance, wear a face covering. Call at-risk friends, especially older adults”.

The heat wave also poses a risk for heat-stroke. Hydration, wearing light clothing, staying in cool spots and avoiding over-exertion is the key advice to preventing heat-stroke.

In order to ensure social distancing, over the next few days the city will increase the amount of park rangers on patrol in recreation spaces, officers will patrol public spaces, and rangers in Dolores Park will hand out masks to people who are not wearing them.

“Just because it’s nice out doesn’t mean that COVID-19 has suddenly disappeared. Please only gather with people you live with, keep your distance, wash your hands frequently, & wear a mask. We all have to be responsible. Make smart decisions, protect yourself & those around you”, Mayor London Breed tweeted on August 15.