SAN FRANCISCO—The owner of the popular Musée Mecanique arcade located at Fisherman’s Wharf is trying to raise $250,000 to avoid long-term closure as a result of the pandemic.

The owner of the arcade, Dan Zelinsky, has created a GoFundMe fundraiser, and raised more than $60,000 as of Thursday, June 11. Over 800 people have donated so far. A statement on Zelinsky’s GoFundMe page reads: 

“We just passed 800 donors and are very grateful for the support, shares and donations we have received! We are doing our best to figure out when we can safely reopen and will let you know when we have date. For the time being, we are going to continue to promote and share this Go Fund Me campaign. Thank you to the 800 donors and the 6,200 people that have shared!”

The business has been family owned and operated since 1933. They were previously located on the lower level of the Cliff House, but due to a renovation in 2002, the company moved to its current location at Pier 45 at Fisherman’s Wharf. Their business features an arcade that has vintage games, in addition to various antique collections and other curiosities. 

While other types of entertainment businesses have been allowed to reopen, arcades like Zelinsky’s have remained closed since March and will not be opening anytime soon. 

Zelinsky explained that $250,000 is the amount that is needed to break even in order to cover rent, insurance, electrical bills, and maintenance. Musée Mecanique’s main source of revenue comes from admission tickets and coin-operated games. Since the closure from the pandemic, and the inability to offer curbside pickup or online ordering, they have lost almost all of their revenue while their overhead expenses remain high.