HOLLYWOOD—Ugh, just when I thought the battle between Steffy and Hope was over on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful,” the war is back bigger than ever. Why? Ridge had the crazy idea that it was time to pick between Hope 4 The Future or the Intimates Collection. The audience should not be surprised considering the Intimates Collection is Steffy’s line and Steffy is his daughter. There is one problem, the Hope 4 The Future collection is Hope’s brain child.

There are people in the corner for both. Ridge, Katie, Liam, Hope and Brooke on one side, while Ridge, Quinn and Steffy on the other side. You’d think it would be rocket science, but you have to remember that Ridge and Steffy are both power players. This is nothing more than Steffy attempting to get a dig at Hope, since she now has Liam and a baby on the way. Steffy can act as if she’s not jealous all she wants, but we know the truth America: Steffy is not happy coming in second place.

Let’s take the Steffy and Hope element out the mix, because to be honest I am so over it you have no clue. “The Bold and the Beautiful” is that one soap that will beat a dead horse into the ground and never let it go and it gets tiresome people. Ridge gave the inclination that Hope 4 the Future would be the choice he would make, but it was the Intimates Collection that remained supreme. As a result, it unleashed wholly hell at Forrester Creations, and I loved every single moment of it.

Why? Katherine Kelly-Lang proved once again how ferocious of an actress she is and is constantly overlooked for her performance. She lashed out at Ridge; she even took digs at Steffy and left both speechless. Brooke was livid and Ridge knew he placed himself in a dicey situation, where his marriage could be on the line, and friction at FC could reach an all-time high. Just when you thought Bill Spencer was moving on to being a positive person, I get the inkling that we could see a Brooke and Bill reconciliation in the near future. It would be fun to watch America, I have to say, and these secret meetings the two continue to have is an indicator that Ridge has something to worry about, which was dropped on Ridge this week.

He was none too pleased to hear his wife has been conversing with her former husband. I thought Bill had his hands full with the Thorne and Katie situation involving custody of Will, but nope, it looks like Ridge is about to step into that corner as well and it will be all bets off. Ridge hates Bill, so this will only add fuel to the fire and we could see a battle royal that destroys not only Ridge and Brooke’s marriage, but potentially Forrester Creations at the same time.

The claws haven’t fully come out courtesy of Steffy and Hope, but it is certain that the tension is indeed reaching a fever pitch. That can also be said between the sexual tension between Zoe and Xander. Emma is not ready to take their relationship to the next step, but Zoe is well aware of that and is using it to her advantage to draw Xander back into her orbit. They’ve shared several kisses, and considering Xander is a man, it’s just a matter of time before the temptation gets the best of him, because Zoe is relentless. The bigger question is how will Emma react to learning that her boyfriend has been secretly cheating on her?

Oh, what fun is there to come to the city of Los Angeles in the coming weeks, at least I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it, but knowing “B&B” I shouldn’t hold my breathe!