SAN FRANCISCO—On July 27, Mayor Breed issued an executive order which will remain in effect until August 31, and imposes rules to protect residential tenants impacted by COVID-19, according to City and County of San Francisco’s official website.

“You cannot be evicted during the coronavirus pandemic. You can get more time to pay your rent. These and other protections do not include rent cancellation. In other words, you still owe your landlord any missed rent payments,” the city and county of San Francisco stated on their website on July 30.

Below is a brief as per the rules and regulations on the website of the city and county of San Francisco can be viewed below:

No one can be evicted during the coronavirus outbreak

  • The mayor’s order temporarily bans all residential evictions. This includes evictions currently being processed.
  • This rule will stay in place until October 31, however, it will not protect an individual from eviction if the eviction is due to violence, threat of violence, or health and safety issue.
  • If an individual is staying in a tourist hotel or tourist unit of a residential hotel, protections under this order do not apply. However, one cannot be removed if the individual is self-isolating or quarantining during the emergency.

Tenants have 6 months to pay missed rent

  • If unable to pay the missed rent when the extension period ends, a landlord may be able to take a tenant to housing court.
  • If a landlord tries to evict a tenant before then, the tenant will have protection under the order if that individual can prove inability to pay due to COVID-19. That individual should keep proof of the notice and documentation that given to the landlord, and any other proof of inability to pay rent, in case the situation is escalated to housing court.

For those who need help, Conflict Intervention Service (CIS) of the Bar Association of San Francisco can be contacted at (415) 782-8940 or via email at