SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco-based online academy, Juni Learning, is looking to hire 500 to 600 recent college grads and university students to work with kids and teenagers interested in scientific subjects.

Juni Learning was founded in 2017 by Ruby Lee and Vivian Shen, who graduated from Standford’s Computer science program. Their website states, “Juni was built to prep kids for real life, showing them a path to success by teaching them to start early and learn by doing. Connected to credible instructors, Juni’s students develop the creativity, confidence, and grit required to become future Juni instructors and tomorrow’s leaders.”

Juni Learning focuses on computer science and math fields and customizes adaptable programs for students based on their experiences and abilities. All classes are organized online, so students have the flexibility to learn new skills. According to their website, students will be able to gain high school and college-level computer science knowledge when they complete the long-term program. Juni’s project-based curriculum was developed by ex-Googlers, which support students’ logical reasoning and algorithmic thinking.

The acceptance rate for applicants is lower than 10%. Co-founder Vivian Shen announced to hire 500 to 600 new instructors within the next three to six months to meet the demand of new families looking experts to help their children’s learning processes. “Most of our employees are actually part-time. So if you can only do 10 to 20 hours while you are potentially learning another skill set, or you just need a little bit of side income while you’re in school or something like that, it’s a really flexible option,” said Shen. Instructors are required to pass a live teaching test and show their skills in their technical fields.

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