SAN FRANCISCO—The Moscone Center will undergo an expansion with the purpose of making the center apt of pedestrians. It will be adding to two subterranean exhibitor halls and up above the North and South buildings 100,000 square feet. This expansion could happen at the same time as the inauguration of a waterfront arena for the Golden State Warriors to add more space for events.

Image courtesy of Moscone.

Currently, Moscone Center has completed various upgrades. It has adopted sustainable practices such as: green purchasing, green vendor agreements, green conference attendee and exhibitor guidelines. The effort to continue with the farm-to-table that San Francisco is known for, has prompted the center to include organic as well as food grown locally offered to visitors. Also, the center’s roof is close to 50 percent covered with photovoltaic solar panels, a park area and greenscaping. Water consumption has been reduced as well as its energy use from its previous 20 percent usage.

Other upgrades were made to heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning; also new ceilings, paint, carpeting, lighting, restroom renovations, elevators, escalators, improved kitchens and lobbies. Attendees will be able to use Google Maps new feature My Location, available on Android devices. The My Location feature allows people to navigate the convention center in order to find food kiosks, restrooms, and meeting rooms from their phones. The $4.5-million wireless system that was installed will provide high-speed Internet to an estimated amount of 60,000 devices at the same time.

The building is recognized by the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) as a Gold-certified building.