Woman Stops Burglar From Stealing At Her Front Porch

Sonya Yu (left). Image courtesy of GA Daily News.

SAN FRANCISCO— Last Friday November 30 Sonya Yu, a woman who had experienced repeated package robberies in her front porch captures the person responsible all by herself. After struggling to get the police to help her capture the thief, she decided to bring justice on her own. Yu placed a box on her front porch and waited until the suspect approached her home and took the package. This is when she captured the criminal with help of a Japanese training sword and a can of bear spray.

After Yu had the suspect under control, she went on Twitter and shared, “Apparently our neighborhood thief has a violent rape rap sheet. My bear spray, bokken, and I are still not intimidated.” She also posted a photograph of her crime-stopper tools before using them on the thief.

The police did not struggle in finding 51-year-old Andy Anduha, the person who continuously stole from Yun. He was covered in orange and running around the neighborhood when the police arrested hi. Anduha was booked later on suspicion of attempted burglary. He will also be charged with first-degree residential burglary for stealing Yu’s packages.

Yu expressed contentment for knowing how bad Anduha is suffering from the bear spray made her feel better.