SAN FRANCISCO—Construction of Apple’s new flagship store in Union Square is making progress as the Cupertino-based company’s glass castle begins to take shape in a bustling new location.

The structure, which is expected to be finished by summer 2016, will boast two story glass windows supported by six 44-foot-tall steel beams, which collapse into a four beam structure once the massive glass panels open for entrance.Apple Upper West Side

There will not be any visual obstructions that will take up space within the belly of the store, allowing passerbys to gaze at Apple’s goodies from a distance. Shoppers will be able to move from the front to the back of the store with fluidity.

The new building, which was once a Levi’s retail outlet, will shoot up three blocks away from Apple’s current flagship location, built in 2004, at Stockton and Market Street. The SF store was one of Apple’s first high-profile locations, featuring a notable glass staircase beneath a skylight design.

Apple has been praised in the past for their innovative glass designs and meticulous attention to detail. This precision has been honored with architectural awards at its Soho location in 2003, Upper-West Side Location in 2013 and for its Stanford location in 2014, as well as world-renowned recognition for Bohlin Cywinski Jackson’s Fifth Avenue design.