UNITED STATES—An Ohio man who appeared to be kneeling on the neck of a 2-year-old child in a picture that circulated on social media on Tuesday, July 21 was taken into custody by the Clark County’s Sheriff Office. 

The picture showed a man putting a knee on the neck of a child and it contains the words “BLM now mf.” According to the CC Sheriff’s Office, they started an investigation to identify the individuals involved in the event after they were made aware of the photo. Officers were able to contact the mother of the child and the man who they identified as 20-year-old Isaiah Jackson. They found out he had a Parole Authority holder from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Daniel Discroll, the Clark County Prosecutor, said Jackson was previously involved in a burglary and domestic violence case. 

Jackson was taken into custody and is now incarcerated in the Clark County Jail with a probation violation charge as of now, public records show. According to the Sheriff’s Office, allegedly the mother was not aware of the event. 

“Subsequent interview with the mother revealed that she was unaware of the photo having been taken, or its contents, until she had been informed by other parties while the Sheriff’s Office was enroute to her home to begin the investigation into this incident,” posted the Clark County’s Sheriff Office in a Facebook post.  

Authorities also shared that the child was taken to a local hospital for examinations and apparently has no injuries. Discroll indicated the kid is in the custody of his father and appears to be doing well. The Office of the County Prosecution is completing the investigation and of any person that might have been involved. 

“We’re gonna make sure that we are thorough in our investigation and we’re gonna make sure our investigation is complete before we decide on any charges,” said Discroll.