SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, June 12, the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department announced city plans to allow operating outdoor boot camps and yoga classes on Monday, June 15 via Twitter. The department asked people who are interested in operating those outdoor programs to fill out a space inquiry through their website.

Applicants must provide certain information while filling the inquiry sheet, including the program name, sponsoring program name, activity type, equipment requirement, date preferred, and several primary contact information.

A statement on the department’s website notes, the city of San Francisco has not released any health guidance and orders for the outdoor yoga and boot camp programs. There is not an explicit rule on the size of the yoga classes or the boot camps. The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department is not sure what activities will be allowed for boot camps and outdoor classes. The aim is to get the programs started as soon as possible, which will require a permit to operate outdoor programs.

“Any authorized outdoor health and fitness programs will need a permit to operate so that they have a designated space and permission to offer the class,” reads a statement from the San Francisco Recreation and Park’s website.

The department will inform people who are looking for more information about the price and application of the outdoor programs, as soon as the healthy guidance and orders are issued by the city.

For more details on space inquiry for the outdoor program visit:

For more updates about the fitness programs and outdoor activities, visit The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department website.