SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, June 12, San Francisco Department of Public Health updated the interim guidance of indoor home service. The purpose of having the guidance is to highlight the main points of the related health orders and give people relevant suggestions.

The target of guidance are businesses or individuals who are providing indoor home services, and the residents who receive those services including cleaning, cooking and non-essential maintenance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The guidance releases several pieces of advice for the employer and the employees who provide indoor services:

*The business should not ask their workers to keep working if they feel sick; the employees who feel sick or have the symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home and inform their employer. They should get tested if necessary.
*The worker should clean and disinfect all touchpoints.
*The employers should provide face protections to their workers. The employees must wear a face covering while they are working.
*The worker should practice the healthy habits, like washing hands for 20 seconds.

The guidance lists some suggestions for the residents who hire a cleaning service:

*The service should be canceled or put off if the resident feel sick.
*The resident needs to maintain six-feet social distance with the worker at any time.
*The resident also needs to wear a face covering.
*The resident needs to have their own products to avoid spreading the virus or germs.

According to the interim guidance, the businesses or individuals may be able to provide the indoor home services on Monday, June 15.

The guidance does NOT cover the following indoor services: personal care, treatments, personal grooming, massage therapy, haircuts, in-home childcare, tutoring, personal trainers and make-up.

For more details on the Indoor Home Services guidance, please visit San Francisco Department of Public Health website.