SAN FRANCISCO—The Bay Bridge Highway I-80 was forced to close on Friday, December 18 due to paint oil spill. All lanes on the westbound I-80 were closed at approximately 4:00 a.m. A cleanup crew immediately responded, then later re-opened the highway to the public.

According to reports, all traffic was led off of the highway and onto Fremont Street, after a flat-bed truck had spilled 5 pounds of paint on the 1-15, near the Fremont Street exit, causing gridlock that impeded thousands of motorists.

Will Tran, a spokesperson for KRON reported on Twitter that a dry-wall, putty-like substance was on Caltrain’s truck tires and that the spill was also on the roadway.

San Francisco News reached out to Caltrain, but did not hear back before print.

A California Highway Patrol spokesperson alleges that the driver responsible for clean up has been cited as a result of the spill.