SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, June 18, Pier 39, the carnival-like tourist attraction and shopping center in San Francisco, re-opened for visitors for the first time since the shelter-in-place order forced its closure in the middle of March.

Visitors will be able to shop, eat, and see the famous sea lions. Measures are in place that will reinforce social distancing per public health guidelines.

City officials added a new entrance plaza to control traffic and will monitor the number of people entering the pier to ensure proper physical distancing. New social distancing barriers at the sea lions docks will ensure that people stand apart from each other while looking at the animals.

According to the Pier 39 website, all guests 13 years and older will be required to wear face masks, and more outdoor dining areas have been added for visitors to enjoy food from the many restaurants there.

When interviewed by NBC Bay Area News, Pier 39 President Taylor Stafford emphasized Pier 39 officials’ concern for cleanliness that “We’ve also implemented a CDC approved cleaning and hygiene protocol on the property, so every major touchpoint on the property is cleaned throughout the day, all day long.” 

Pier 39 will be open Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.