“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘Out Damned Spot’

The liars learned the hard way donating blood is not always a good thing.

HOLLYWOOD—The mystery involving Mike Montgomery has intensified on “Pretty Little Liars.” In the latest episode, ‘Out, Damned Spot’ further details about his visits to Alison behind bars came to fruition. The liars participated in a blood drive, but Emily was omitted from participating because of her trip to Haiti. Ashley was a bit taken aback when members of the church inquired about possible problems.

Aria and the other ladies were stunned when Mike caused a scene. It became apparent that he was out to steal blood from the liars. Once again, Aria is in complete denial when accusations against her family comes front and center. Hmmm, that makes one think that it is very possible she could be Uber “A.” Her mood swings are so dramatic some times. Stressed, Aria found herself cheating from Andrew’s math test. Could we see a new relationship brewing, how about ‘Andria.’ Hanna was a bit taken when she discovered her mom revealed to Ted that she wanted to marry him, but admitted to her affair with Jason. So this back and forth seems to reveal that the happy couple is no more?

Whoa, Spencer eats TV dinners! I wonder what she was eating. Seems Spencer and Johnny are getting much closer, as she helped him with a special project. Family dynamics were heighted in the Marin home when Ashley learned her daughter was planning a secret meeting with her father about paying for college.

Aria received a call from a Hank Mahoney, but when she answered the phone, no one replied back. So was it really Alison or perhaps Mike calling her bluff? When confronted by big sis, Mike continued to keep secrets only making him look guiltier.

Ezra picked up on the fact that Talia and Emily had become much closer. She dropped a bomb on him about Aria that left him reeling, just as he dropped a bomb about Talia being married. Mike secretly chatted with Hank Mahoney about bringing something that ‘she’ asked for.  It became apparent that Mike did indeed steal blood from the liars.

Spencer threw a fit when she learned Johnny used her to commit a crime. She revealed her criminal background, which led to a bit of remorse. Emily confronted Talia about her big lie, just as Hanna finally met up with her father who has been missing in action for seasons it seems like. Whoa, he won’t be getting father of the year, I’ve never known a parent to tell their child I’ll pay for my step child to go to college, but not my biological daughter. That’s indeed cold!

Emily spotted Mike withdrawing a load of cash from the ATM to the tune of $400; the big kicker someone had over $18k in their account. Emily informs her bestie what Mike has been up to and decided to follow him. Spencer reached out to Melissa via email. Let’s hope we get to see Melissa in the flesh pretty soon, I’m guessing the season five finale.

Andrew is such a sucker for allowing the ladies to play him. They arrived at an old school diner where the ladies spotted Mike giving money to Cyrus, Ali’s fake kidnapper. This is indeed an interesting twist, just what is Ali up to?

Hanna shared her sob story with Mr. Fitz that her father doesn’t think highly of her. He shared a funny story about triumphing against all odds to prove those who suspect little of you that you’re capable of much more. Hanna tried reaching the ladies, but Aria didn’t answer Ezra’s call. Hanna’s attention was caught by a beauty pageant competition where $20,000 was at stake. Spencer, Aria and Emily received a text from “A” that revealed their blood samples.  The ladies found themselves being chased by Cyrus, but Andrew stepped in to save the day or did he?

Go Hanna! She gave a hard dose of tough love to her mother, just as she planned to enter the pageant contest. Aria and Spencer were a bit thrown to find Johnny placing TV diners into the freezer, and he seemed to insinuate that he is doing all in his power to resist temptation.

Hanna, Spencer and Aria tried to decipher what “A” is up to, just as Mike watched the ladies from outside. “A” has the video of Caleb and Hanna planning to break into the storage unit, and used blood from the liars to place on Mona’s bloody clothing; it looks like the liars could find themselves behind bars with their BFF. Season five is indeed ramping up to head to a very dark place. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!