SAN FRANCISCO—On May 7, Mildred Musni, 44, of San Francisco was involved in a physical altercation with a security officer, Francois Torrey, 34, of Richmond at the Safeway in Diamond Heights after being accused of shoplifting.

According to ABC7 News, security was following Musni throughout the store under the belief she had taken items from the store. When Musni was stopped, she showed her receipt to the store manager.

Torrey didn’t want to communicate with Musni, stating, “I don’t argue with females.”

In a email sent on June 19 from Officer Lobsinger of the SFPD to the San Francisco News, he stated, “The employee and a female subject got into a verbal dispute. The female suspect took out her cell phone and began recording the employee,” said Officer Lobsinger. “The employee knocked the cell phone from the female’s hand. The female responded by punching the employee in the face.”

Other customers witnessed the incident, where Musni is heard asking one bystander, according to ABC 7 News, “Can you call 911 for me?” The bystander replied, “No I cannot call 911 for you.”

The San Francisco Police Department cited Musni at the scene, but charges against her have been dropped. She indicated she wants the guard to be disciplined for the incident.

“Both parties were cited and released at the scene on one count of misdemeanor battery (242 PC),” said Officer Lobsinger.

The San Francisco News spoke with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office via phone. “insufficient evidence so no charges were filed”.

Representatives of Safeway have not responded to inquiries from San Francisco News for comment.