SAN FRANCISCO—A lost mountain lion was spotted wandering around the streets overnight in Mission Bay on Thursday, June 18th. The mountain lion made its way into Russian Hill were a resident filmed the animal around 12:30 a.m. Officers from the San Francisco Animal Care and Control were alerted and arrived at the scene early Thursday morning. The animal was cornered at Fourth and Channel streets around Oracle Park and was seized with a large net. The animal was taken to the Oakland Zoo to be examined by a professional. Neither officers nor the animal were harmed during this process.

Deb Campbell, a member of the San Francisco Animal Care and Control reported that the mountain lion is doing well and healthy and that no tranquilizers were used to seize it. Campbell says “we have been monitoring the animal since Tuesday and felt that because he or she was young and inexperienced that there was no easy, safe exit route from the city. We were afraid that the lion would be hit by a car or starve.”

There is no further information on when the animal will be released, but officials ensure that the animal will be released to a safe place sometime soon. Residents want to remind everyone to be safe and take extra caution while walking at night or taking pets out.