SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, June 15, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office (SFSO), Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and San Francisco Conservation Corps (SFCC) announced in a press release that Summer Youth Eco-Jobs will return for a second summer. 

Summer Youth Eco-Jobs provides horticulture training and employment for 24 San Francisco youth ages 16 to 17. Participants learn about land and vegetation management, landscaping, habitat restoration, urban farming and invasive/non-invasive plant species. In addition, the teens germinate, propagate, and plant native California plants at SFPUC sites throughout the city. The program runs from June 15 through July 24, and participants make approximately $16.50 an hour. In addition, they receive a certificate of completion, job readiness certifications, and high-school credits.

SFSO, SFPUC, and SFCC revamped this program in the era of COVID-19 to ensure that it can happen. For instance, workers will wear personal protective equipment and practice social distancing while working. Additionally, the work sites will have porta-potties and hand-washing stations to promote good hygiene.

San Francisco Sheriff Miyamoto said, “As our city safely reopens in phases and stages, my staff committed itself to hosting Summer Youth Eco-Jobs through the pandemic. We’re implementing protocols that keep everyone safe and healthy while providing much-needed youth job training and wages. We thank the SFPUC and SFCC leadership for sharing this commitment.”