SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco CrossFit, a fitness club in downtown San Francisco, has announced that it will permanently close after 15 years of business. On November 15, CrossFit held their final training class before they close for good. San Francisco CrossFit announced that their decision to close is related to financial circumstances created by the pandemic.

“We weren’t sure what to expect during the first few weeks of sheltering in place in March. We knew then we were facing an existential threat, but we needed to see what the future held and were optimistic we’d be able to reopen by the end of summer or early fall,” reads a statement on their website.

CrossFit is a type of intensive physical-fitness program that consists of both strength and conditioning workouts. The goal of CrossFit revolves around building strength, and maintaining agility and aerobic fitness. CrossFit first opened in 2005, offered one class a day for six days a week, and was privately funded by founders Juliet and Kelly.

“We can no longer afford to keep the gym open in the current pandemic economy, despite the support of many of you. It’s not a question of not making money, as that ship sailed for our family in March. It’s about no longer bleeding our personal savings each months (and in the coming months) with no clear end in sight,” the owners explained in their announcement.

CrossFit said that although the government’s PPP checks helped to support their coaches and staff, there still was not enough to cover overhead and revenue. Even if the gym did reopen in the fall, the owners stated that membership would not be enough to rebound from the financial struggle.

CrossFit did close their announcement on a hopeful note, stating that they “remain optimistic that one of our staff will pick up the baton and run with it at a different location that might be more sustainable.” While San Francisco’s current CrossFit location will permanently close, there remains a chance that CrossFit will return to the city at a different time and place.