SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, January 3, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office in the Hall of Justice was flooded with fecal matter and foul-smelling water.

The sewage flooding began around 3 p.m. and forced about 30 employees to evacuate the offices located at 850 Bryant St. The computer network was offline as sewage entered the server room. Several offices on the third floor were damaged, and caused damage in the domestic violence unit on the second floor.

The Hall of Justice has been around since the 1950s. The SF District Attorney’s Office spokesman Alex Bastian, informed the SF Examiner in September 2016, one of District Attorney George Gascón’s staffers stepped outside an office on the fourth floor to find feces that he described as “unequivocally human.”

“Unfortunately, it’s a new year, but we are still encountering the same problems in our building,” Bastian said. “I myself have had sewage impacting me directly,” Bastian said.

John Gavin, of the Department of Real Estate indicated the sewage flood was the result of a sewage blockage on the fourth floor NBC Bay Area News reported.

“City plumbers responded to the seventh floor and made attempts to retrieve the object that caused the initial flooding, but the object eluded their efforts and continued to work its way through the plumbing system down to the third floor,” said Gavin in a statement.

Written By Joy Kalu and Casey Jacobs