SAN FRANCISCO—Officers from the San Francisco Police Department have arrested two people in connection with the muder of an Australian tourist, that took place on the 2500 block of Van Ness Avenue outside San Francisco’s Da Vinci Villa hotel, on Friday, June 2. The San Francisco Medical Examiner identified the victim as 33 year-old Matthew Bate.

The incident took place when Bate got involved in a verbal altercation with one of the suspect’s outside the hotel in San Francisco’s Russian Hill area, indicated Officer Giselle Talkoff, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco Police Department. The verbal altercation escalated into a physical one that left Bate seriously injured.

The SFPD was notified, who arrived on the scene at around 2:15 a.m. The victim was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead from injuries he sustained. Authorities indicated no weapons were involved in the fight.

Footage of the crime scene released by the hotel led authorities to detain two suspects, who are currently being interrogated by the police. The SFPD has not yet released details about the suspect as the case is still under investigation and they are expected to make additional arrests in the case.

The SFPD has asked anyone with more information about the incident to contact the San Francisco Police Department at (415) 553-0123.