UNITED STATES—The past 2 weeks have been loaded with football games on television. Between the NFL heading into the playoff season, and college football with their endless bowl games, it’s enough to have people sitting on the couch for days. So you might be asking yourself why I’m addressing this issue. Well, it’s forcing people to get too comfortable on the couch. I mean I’ve literally witnessed some people sitting on the couch from like 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., watching football.

Look this is not a column to take digs at those who enjoy watching sports, rather it be football, basketball, baseball or something else, it’s the fact that we are constantly being placed in these crazy situations where it’s ok to sit on our butts all day. Making the situation worse is the fact that we are likely consuming tons of junk food along the way. It might be through chips, dips, beer, soda, juice, cookies, and perhaps all the bad things we should NOT be eating at all.

I just find it baffling people complain about their health, but they are engaging in behaviors that only further contribute to their current predicament. You cannot sit on the couch and stuff your face while watching sports unlimited and think it will not have some sort of impact on your weight. I heard this mess from my uncles and it annoyed me to the core. I didn’t say it, but all I had to say was look in the mirror it explains why your health is in the condition it’s in because you’re doing nothing but sitting and eating all day.

If you did it a day or two, that might be ok, but to do it 4-5 days a week, that is quite excessive to say the least. Sports allows people to unwind, and look I totally get it and I’m not saying people who watch sports are lazy or unhealthy; hell we can say that to the people who sit and play videogames all day or those who watch TV or movies nonstop on the couch.

None of it is good in excess people. Get up move around; don’t just get up to grab a snack or something to eat. Do a few jumping jacks, do some pushups, walk up and down the stairs a few times to get your body moving. Even I’m guilty of it, which is one of the reasons I’m bringing this to everyone’s attention. The couch can be quite comfortable and after a long day of work I’m guilty of crashing on it and getting a quick cat nap.

Could anything be done to stop the unhealthy behavior? Yeah, cut down the amount of time a sport transpires. It’s like tennis and baseball, who the hell wants to sit and watch bats or tennis rackets swung for 5-7 hours. It’s unbelievable, put a damn time clock on things. Be more lock hockey, football and basketball. In addition, let’s eliminate the constant commercials. I mean you don’t see that in middle school or high school sports, so why is a pass given for collegiate and professional sports. You know what let me take that back because I already know the answer; it’s all about advertising which leads to money.

Sports is a money maker so any opportunity to shove a ton of products down our throats while watching or favorite sport or TV show, the companies are angling to make it happen. With the New Year upon us, we have the opportunity to control our health and determine where we go from here. The remote might be in your hands, but it doesn’t have to stay there America.