UNITED STATES−On November 14, a large group of demonstrators participated in the Stop the Steal rally in Washington D.C. The rally was sponsored by the My Pillow giant, Mike Lindell. It is not known in total how many people attended the rally, but some reported indicated up to 1 million people were in attendance.

Lindell opened the rally with a prayer. President Trump drove through the crowds via motorcade and waved at supporters.

Lindell met with President Trump prior to the rally regarding his Made in the USA product line. He started his business making pillows for soldiers suffering from PTSD. He made sheets, and when needed his company produced face masks in the beginning of the pandemic.

The #StoptheSteal campaign highlights alleged voter fraud that has been prevalent in some of states where a recount has been demanded to ensure all legal votes are counted.

Dominion Voting Systems is alleged to be one source of voter fraud. Votes casts for President Trump were said to be switched to Joe Biden.  The first case was found in Michigan. Dominion Voting Systems is the same voting system used in 47 counties in Michigan and in 28 other states.

The glitch is being investigated after a spokesperson for Dominion publicly stated that the problem is not in the software. It would take a human approximately 7 minutes to reprogram the system to switch the votes.

President Trump has active lawsuits filed in multiple states stemming from cases of alleged voter fraud. He has indicated that that all legal votes are counted.

Over 200,000 mail-in ballots with votes for Joe Biden reportedly appeared in Michigan and Wisconsin between November 3 and November 4.  A large number of ballots were requested by residents in nursing homes as well.

Moms For America were in DC to “Stop the Steal and protect our vote. Legal votes count and we want legal votes counted,” a spokesperson for the organization stated.

Lindell, who is the author of, “Crack Addict To CEO,” has a great following on social media. He has sponsored Life Teen events for others like himself who are transitioning back into society after a battle with addiction. He has 123K followers on Facebook and has used his platform as avenues to promote and support President Trump, and to advertise for the rally.

There were counter-protestors at the rally and several fights transpired. There were no reports of any serious injuries.