SuccessFactors Moves Into Centennial Towers


SAN FRANCISCO— As of December 15, Centennial Towers will be having two new tenants in the office facing Hwy 101 and close to the base of San Bruno Mountain. Originally, the building was supposed to have two towers, but the second one was postponed in order to find tenants for the first. The building was designed to imitate the shapes of the San Bruno Mountains, its glass façade is meant to reflect the changing vegetation and weather in that area.

Photo courtesy of SSF Net.

Before this summer, the building had been unoccupied for three years having as its only tenant ICIX, a technology company. The new tenant is SuccessFactors, also a techonoly company. Prior to Centennial Towers SuccessFactor was located in San Mateo until summer. The company’s Vice President of Business Operations Roy Ng mentioned how effortless moving into Centennial Towers was with the assistance of their facilities, development and construction team.

Ng added that SuccessFactor moving into Centennial Towers was the result of the growth in their company with 440 employees working at this location, which will be occupying four floors. The four floors will have a cafe style lounge considered the “quiet zone” as well as interactive video walls. The proximity of SuccessFactor to the airport is considered a great addition by Ng to the company, facilitating their global employees to meet them.

Centennial Towers has now leased five of the 12 floors available. Senior vice president Timothy Grant indicated that the lease agreement for the only retail floor is in process. Grant is also hopeful the building will be receiving more tenants next year, since there are vacancies.