HOLLYWOOD—Another week another surprise in the latest season of “Survivor 41.” This week’s episode, ‘They Hate Me ‘Cause They Ain’t Me’ saw Genie unleash her angry side and told the others she had no plans to work with any of them. Shan tried to diffuse the situation by revealing that Brad had the steal the vote, and that made JD livid who realized that he cannot trust Shan that is not good for her game if we’re being honest people. The fireworks on UA were a great way to kick-off the episode.

We get our first reward challenge of the season that saw Luvu finally struggle with Heather not able to complete the first part of the course. UA and Yase won the challenges and it left Heather in tears as she realized she didn’t perform to her fullest ability for her team. Hmm, I think that was a front to draw some sympathy people. Jeff we don’t need a monologue about people fighting their loss, damn, Jeff Probst sometimes talks way too much and it drags the pacing down of some of the episodes if I’m being honest.

Is Yase becoming a unified front? It seems to be so, just as they bonded over baby turtles all over the beach. UA had their own personal teacher in Nathan for helping teach them how to hunt for food, how to cook the food, how to scour it and things to do to ensure their survival in the wilderness. Over at Luvu we finally got to see some Erika who seemed MIA for most of the season. It was apparent that friction was building between Sydney and Erika. Erika started to throw Sydney under the bus, which worried Deshawn, who never trusted Erika to begin with.

Deshawn spilled the beans to Sydney that Erika wanted to target her. So Deshawn and Sydney are plotting which could be a sign of blindside that the audience might not see it coming. So we have another extensive immunity challenge people, one where the illustrious three-way immunity is still NOT in play people. Really Luvu wants to throw a challenge, and this is so Deshawn can take a shot at Erika? Is that just stupid or plan crazy people!

Yase won immunity and it was a battle between Luvu and UA, and it was Naseer who pulled out the win for Luvu sending UA back to Tribal Council. Well, it looks like Genie might be in trouble, but at the same time with two votes JD might make a move against Shan people. It was apparent tension was building between Shan and JD, JD was not about to play the dummy card and leave his advantage at camp or give it to Shan as a token of trust is he?

Really, JD what are you doing? You proved your trust to her last time, why the hell are you willing to do that a second time around. Shan is indeed playing a dirty game that I think is going to burn her in the long run if she is not careful. No way in hell would I have given that advantage over; you did it once JD there was no need to do it a second time around, there is nothing to prove. At Tribal Council it was apparent that the happy tribe of UA is about to fracture and in a big way.

Genie had trust issues, JD talked about information, pairs were discussed, and Genie was apparent that she wanted to go after that Shot in the Dark that hasn’t been played just yet, and JD seemed to point a sign that a move might be made that raised eyebrows for Shan. JD, Genie, Shan, Ricard, this could be a fun vote people.

The edit seems to point to JD being blindsided and at this point I’m ready for this vote because the tension is killing me right now. As I expected, Shan betrayed her ally and JD was booted. Looks like it paid off for now. Next week, lines are drawn on Yase. Until next week “Survivor 41” fanatics!