HOLLYWOOD—In 2012, Seth MacFarlane manifested one of the funniest movies of all-time “Ted.” For those who happened to disappear that year, the movie followed John (Mark Wahlberg) and his real-life teddy bear, Ted (voice of MacFarlane) through their wild array of adventures.

Fast-forward to 2015 and we have the highly anticipated sequel, “Ted 2.” The film reunites Wahlberg and MacFarlane, but notably missing from the mix is actress Mila Kunis; Amanda Seyfried blends in well as an attorney who helps the bear fight for his right to adopt a child.

The film which rightfully earns its R-rating is full of foul-mouthed, gross out humor. Most of the laughs come from Ted, while John seems to chime in on the adventures. Remember this is a grown man who has indulged in smoking pot and drinking with a bear that he has known since childhood. There are some funny moments in the beginning between Ted and his wife Tammy-Lynn (Jessica Barth) who are eager to have a child, but Ted doesn’t quite have the tools to make that happen.

So what do our dynamic duo do, they attempt to steal sperm from Flash Gordon (Sam J. Jones) and New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. I must admit the scene involving Brady is the funniest, but if you’ve seen the trailer or TV spot, the hilarity has been slightly spoiled for many. The couples’ alternative is to adopt, but in order to do that Ted has to prove in court that he is human and he has legal rights. This does prove to deliver a few laughs with Morgan Freeman, “Mad Men” alum John Slattery and a few others.

This is where the magic of “Ted 2” fizzles. The first movie knew it was a comedy and did it’s best not to divert too much from that formula. The sequel bites off a bit much in the narrative department in an attempt to intertwine discussions involving morality and politics amongst other things.

Also Giovannia Ribisi returns as the creepy Donny, determined to get his hands on Ted to make a moolah of cash. This was side-plot that had no purpose in the film and kind of distracts the viewer in my opinion. MacFarlane pulls double duty here serving not only as the voice of Ted, but as director, writer and producer of the picture. That might have been the problem. “Ted 2” takes a unique premise and unfortunately fails to deliver the fun that its predecessor gave to audiences. Its starts with many laughs and the jokes begin to fall on deaf ears.

I had high expectations for “Ted 2.” If only the writer and director had remembered that comedy matters it would have been a success.