SAN FRANCISCO—On August 7, The Assembly, which is currently operating a digital wellness club, announced that it is closing its in-person co-working space located in a 100-year-old church on Valencia Street in the Mission District. The Assembly’s Instagram farewell post states, “We will not be reopening The Assembly at the amazing, magical 449 14th street.”

The Assembly provides free access to their co-working space, fitness classes, and other wellness activities, including acupuncture, cupping sessions, manicures, and tarot reading sessions for members who paid a $250 monthly fee.

When the quarantine started, The Assembly created an online wellness club, where members could pay $60 per month to join workouts and workshops virtually. Their Instagram’s farewell post read, “We have classes and events for the next week. Join us and give all the instructors all your love. They are stars!”

Molly Goodson, a co-founder and CEO of The Assembly, told SFGATE, “It became pretty obvious we’d be unable to make the financials of the businesses work out. Even with the current structure of our lease, on top of that almost half of our revenue came from events of over 150 people, and those aren’t coming back any time soon… It’s been a heartbreaking and heartwrenching situation the past five months to make it work without having the landlord on our side and ready to make a deal that worked with us.”

The Assembly offers a discount coupon to join their digital membership right now.