SAN FRANCISCO— The beloved Tommy’s Joynt on Van Ness faced multiple rumors of it’s supposed closure on Tuesday, Sept 1. The 73-year-old restaurant has been unusually unresponsive the past week, with their main-line disconnected and the owner, Chris Henry, gone incognito to the pleads and questions of concerned customers. The Hofbrau that normally lights the streets of SF with it’s neon glow is now covered in graffiti.


Sept. 2 Tommy’s Joynt denied closure accusations.

Although Tommy’s Joynt’s google page reads: “Permanently Closed” the restaurant denied the rumors on their Facebook page on Wednesday.

Accusations began to spiral out of control when Broke-ass Stuart, one of the most influential arts & culture sites in SF wrote the article “It Looks Like Tommy’s Joint Is Permanently Closed” on Wednesday. Stuart reportedly received an email from the owner the next day reading, “We’re not permanently closed! We’re temporarily shut down due to covid and mandatory closure from government.”

On March 22 Tommy’s Joynt posted a message on their Facebook stating, “Tommy’s thanks everyone for their support. We will close today at 4pm. We will be back when the shelter in place has passed. We encourage everyone to stay inside. Uber Eats is a great delivery option to use, everything inside the bag is clean and sanitized for your safety. THANK YOU all for the love the past week and we will see you on the other side.”

However, the posted link to Uber Eats still shows ordering from Tommy’s to be unavailable.