UNITED STATES—Bernell Trammell, 60, was shot and killed in front of his business on Thursday, July 23 at 12:01 p.m. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Trammell is a supporter of President Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter organization. 

He spread his political and religious beliefs via signs he would carry as he walked down the streets proclaiming ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Re-elect Trump 2020.” His business, eXpressions Journals, is where he sold his handmade placards with religious quotes and signs supporting the president. 

There has been a history of people coming for Trammel due to his beliefs. The director of Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention, Reggie Moore, reportedly said that he had to break up a fight between Trammell and a young man. Moore is not sure exactly why the fight occurred, but believes it was because of the Trump sign that Trammell was holding. There have been incidents of people in the neighborhood attacking Trammell on social media for his views. 

Republicans in the state think that his death is politically motivated. The Chairman of the Republican Party in the state, Andrew Hitt, called for a federal investigation to discover motives for the murder and to prove that it was because of Trammell’s political views. 

Authorities have not disclosed any details regarding a motive for the fatal shooting. Details on a suspect have not been disclosed to the public, who is still at large.