UNITED STATES—I recently had a vacation America, and it was long overdue. I am someone who can personally go a year without any time off of work, but in doing so you run into a dangerous trap of experiencing burnout which is not good for you or the company you work for. I had a ton of ideas manifesting in my brain on what I would do while on vacation, but at the top of the list was sleeping in until at least 8 in the morning. I think that may have happened just twice during my 10 days off.

However, the notion of sleeping in without having the worry of getting up and having to get ready for work (rather 1 job or 2 in my case) is something satisfying. In addition, there is something so promising about waking up and realizing the world is at your fingertips. You get to choose when and where you go and how long you do it. I mean going to the grocery store and taking your time to pick up the items you need for the home or to cook a dish you want without having that time clock ticking.

Running to the bank, the post office or the doctor’s office without checking your clock every five minutes wondering how much time you have before you start to panic. Going to the multiplex and seeing a movie or two or three and knowing there is no rush to get home, going to a concert, out to dinner or lunch with family and friends, an art exhibit, a play, the opportunities are quite endless people. That was the thing that I experienced and enjoyed the most while on vacation.

I was not worried about time. We become so consumed with how much time we have to do certain things that it takes the enjoyment out of the things that we do. I could take a 30-minute shower if I wanted, I could take my time getting dressed for the day. I could sit down and actually enjoy a TV program without the worry of what I have to do next. It was easily the best vacation I have had in years and it wasn’t because I traveled or went anywhere fancy, I let my body actually rest and rejuvenate.

Granted I did have a lot of things to strike off my list that I hadn’t been able to do like important doctor follow-ups, seeing the eye doctor, the foot doctor, arrangements with the dentist and other personal matters that I have put off for far too long. The doctor appointments were important as I discovered something that could be serious, but I hope it isn’t pertaining to my heart. Apparently, I have an irregular heart beat; my heart is beating faster than it should be when I’m at rest, which prompted my PCP to make arrangements to see a cardiologist to ensure there is nothing more serious going on with my body and heart than expected. Not to mention having to take 2 EGK tests as well.

Really not the greatest news to hear, but if I hadn’t gone to the doctor with my scheduled follow-up that is information I would have never known. The thing about cardiologists they seem to be very booked and very busy. Hell, I called almost 10 places and the earliest I can get in to see someone is May. Most other doctors and facilities I contacted indicated late June and July was the earliest they could get in to see me. So until then I’m just going to remain calm, think positive and keep my stress level as low as possible because worrying will only elevate my stress level which is the one thing I do not want to do.

The point I want to get across is that you have to take the time to yourself to handle personal things that you have delayed because you think they’re not important. We sometimes pick and choose what we think is important and we actually ignore the things that are important. While on vacation I learned that. Live your life; enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the rain, enjoy family, do things that matter, do things that relax you and don’t apologize for doing them. You have one life only, you might as well live it to the absolute fullest with no regrets you never know when your time might be up and you don’t want to have those regrets.